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INCURSIONS is a project by Archie Smith and Kitty McKay initiated in 2019 as a public walking forum hosting participatory walks in the city of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. It has since shifted into different shapes, from the same grounds, transmuting into an archive of the route we walk, the city of Newcastle, and cities alike, the effects and affects of living within, with/out others, in common,   

This site collects some INCURSIONS documents: our own images, videos, sound, text, interwoven with those of others; our radio broadcasts and audio mixes, and an interactive map, where sites from along the INCURSIONS walk can be located and explored, with writing and documentation. This online space, another site, a virtual fragment of the city, is an attempt to provide connectivity without prescribing a linearity or wholeness: this archive exists in pieces and can be traversed without a set route, we want to offer up detours and links to be taken or left. 



The walking events themselves are an invitation to think at the pace of walking, with others, as we attempt to disperse objective re-tellings and conjure collective articulations. INCURSIONS is a conduit for negotiating neoliberal cityscapes, their objective and more marginalised histories, in conversation with overlapping personal experiences of pop culture, critical theory, identity, psychogeography and memory. Not strictly about the route walked, or the act of walking, or even the specificities of the city itself, the events are invested in the generative quality of walking with others, the avenues guided and gifted when people bring their own experiences, to produce common grounds for differences to grow.

Please feel free to get in contact with any inquiries. 

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