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INCURSIONS was lucky enough to be included in Art Licks Issue 26: Radical Gestures, in partnership with The NewBridge Project. It shines a light on the practices of artists, curators and writers based in the North East through the exploration of its theme, Radical Gestures.

Through this title, Art Licks presents a range of practices that help to challenge the status quo and shift perceptions; practices that support different communities, that are outward-facing, or that are unafraid to try to explore complex issues. From very small gentle gestures, to people who are campaigning: the magazine offers an uplifting insight into how contemporary art supports and brings people together.

This isn’t really art, or an artist profile in a magazine, but a blueprint or a sketch or some kind of radical gesture towards the future and a chance for us to state some intentions. From here, where do we walk? As we re-emerge into the post-viral city, high streets decimated, empty shop fronts and people more precarious than ever; what role do you assume? How do we reintegrate into the arenas that held together gathering before; how do we address the lacks and build friendships and solidarity with our histories and communities? How can artists, collaborators, facilitators, friends, citizens embed themselves into a place meaningfully, beyond an afternoon of walking, in the studio, community centre, pub or club, and how do we build those networks to last and to be active, not speculative or mythologised?


We were also lucky enough to be included in launching Art Licks Issue 26 with a walk round the city of Newcastle to the old NewBridge Gateshead studios for food and drinks. 

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