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The BNC2021 online platform includes each of the 75 artists’ selected works, biographical material, texts and a bibliography of research material generated by the artists. It also includes an introduction by 2021 selectors Hew Locke, Tai Shani and Michelle Williams Gamaker. The platform also provides an opportunity to bring new voices to New Contemporaries and new perspectives on the selected artists’ practices, through Q&As with each artist to give further insights into their practices. Check out INCURSIONS on the BNC2021 online Platform

INCURSIONS was lucky enough to be selected to be part of Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2021 with 75 other emerging artists. We were invited to exhibit two audio works at Firstsite in Colchester and South London Gallery. INCURSIONS was invited to be part of the New Contemporaries Public Programme, working at Firstsite with their Young Art Kommunity and hosting a public walk in Camberwell with South London Gallery.


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INCURSIONS x YAK at Firstsite Colchester


INCURSIONS worked with FIrstsite Gallery's Young Art Kommunity to explore the town of Colchester, using prompts and INCURSIONS socio-geographic methods to locate spaces and places around the gallery where the future could take place. This public walk was devised by the members of YAK and has led to a long term collaboration between YAK and INCURSIONS, developing an interactive map of Colchester as documented through the experiences of the young artists. 

The YAK Map is a messy and open-source scrapbook of what space and place means - and like a scrapbook, nothing is fully completed or formalised. The the more anecdotal definitions of location are favoured, as opposed to concrete mapped coordinates. It acts as an experiment in collaboration, with the young artists taking creative ownerships of their own contributions, as well as deepening the conversations that happen between them.

YAK have also led INCURSIONS on virtual walks through the town as they stage creative happenings in areas that feel overlooked, inaccessible and potential places for futures to take place in line with the dreams, demands and desi of the Young Art Kommunity.


INCURSIONS William Blake Walk at SLG


Using William Blake and Laura Grace Ford’s A Visionary Sense of London as guides, INCURSIONS were invited by South London Gallery and New Contemporaries to host a group walk, tracing achingly proximate other worlds haunting the backstreets and hidden enclaves of South London. 


Beginning at South London Gallery Fire Station, where their psychogeographic sound works are on display as part of New Contemporaries 2021, a collective drift towards the William Blake mural was facilitated, looping back through spectral streets of Peckham, building a collective reading of the surrounding terrain.