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How to re-begin a participatory practice and how to ask if it even matters anymore, after a year of inarticulable loss, fear and precariousness. We're ready to be walking and doing with others again in accumulative and safe ways, feeling out and sharing stories from the margins, the peripheries, the unofficial routes through the city, to re-narrativise the spaces and places we occupy and increase our own individual capacity to act within them, especially now as we head into a possible post-pandemic metropolis. Walking together, convening and exchanging can be a tool for re-telling collective futures for the city that act as routes out of the neoliberal present.


Over lockdown, and as public and social spaces have opened up, we've compiled a list of people we'd like to walk with, or people interested in the things we do as INCURSIONS. We've met people outside pubs, out on the street, under bridges, chatting on instagram, worked with them as volunteers. We want and need to start walking with others again and as this is becoming safer to do so, we thought we'd open the invitation. 


Every Monday, we'll be drifting with an open invitation in the city of Newcastle. We've begun by extending this invitation to those we've met in the margins by chance, but if you want to join us, please email

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